The basic UnRisk Bank combines gridUnRisk Server licenses and a license for the UnRisk engines, communication, data and deployment services. All are packaged in grid-units, each supporting currently sixteen (16) (parallel) computational kernel processes in a networked pool of core processes (multicore machines, clusters, ..). Grid-n means n such grid-units all managed together. gridUnRisk Server units are controlled by an UnRisk network licence that itself comes currently with one controller kernel and eight (8) computational kernels (consequently the first grid unit has 20 computational kernels).

An UnRisk Quant seat currently comes with one controller kernel and eight (8) computationals kernels. It is linked to the UnRisk Bank, but can also be used independently.

UnRisk Bank supports 16 concurrent users via the intranet (web access).

UnRisk Bank comes currently as Grid-2 and with a single machine license of UnRisk Quant

You can find the license agreement here.

UnRisk Bank requires

UnRisk Quant (including Mathematica)
UnRisk licenses (including correspomding Mathematica licenses)
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Windows Server or Microsoft Windows HPC Server
Basic web server components

All components, except MS SQL server and Windows, are part of the delivery


The standard license prices are yearly prices including one year Premium Service based on the configuration.


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