UnRisk 8 Released

UnRisk today announced it has released UnRisk 8, an enhanced version of UnRisk-Q and the UnRisk PRICING ENGENE. This release is free for all UnRisk Premium Service users and will be shipped to all new customers immediately. The UnRisk PRICING ENGINE has been introduced 2001. Now, UnRisk 8 is the 21st release.

New in UnRisk 8: the large number of model calibration features has been extended by the possibility to calibrate interest rate models to normal (Bachelier) volatilities. A comprehensive Multi Curve Framework is included for calibration and valuation.  


UnRisk-Q is offered to quant develpers as culmination of the co-evolutionary development of the bank-proof UnRisk PRICING ENGINE and UnRisk FACTORY. It integrates blazingly fast pricing and calibration engines written in C++ into Mathematica 10.

"Making UnRisk-Q available to quant developers we re-invented our business. It is a know-how package and comes with a domain specific langage enabling quants to quickly implement quant finance solutions from model validation to advanced risk mamagement. It is fruit of our cross-sectoral math experiences research and industry scale complex system making", summarizes Andreas Binder, CEO of the UnRisk consortium.

"UnRisk's engines perform blazinly fast and are adapted to the state of the art computing muscles - each UnRisk 8 seat support now 8 computationals kernels in parallel (instead of 4 in previus releases)", says Herbert Exner, head of business development. "But this is only one reason why quants enjoy using UnRisk. It is multi strategy, multi model and multi method. It is open and platform agnostic. It is a white-box and it enables a wide spectrum of solutions", he adds.

UnRisk offers identical deal type coverage, models and methods across all UnRisk products. UnRisk-Q offers the VaR Universe and an access kit to the UnRisk FACTORY data base. It is also available as webUnRisk.