Innovators at derivative and risk analytics

We are passionate about future technolgies, but some might call us old fashioned in our business principles demonstrating high ethical standards in all business dealings, serving customers first.


MathConsult - UnRisk Maker

the Industrial Mathematics company residing at the JKU Science Park develops solutions in application fields like quantitative finance, chemical engineering and metallurgical processes.

MathConsult's leading edge knowledge embraces Numerical Simulation and Optimization, Parameter Identification, Pricing and Risk Analysis

Since 1997, MathConsult has developed software solutions for financial derivatives and risk analytics. Ground breaking results were possible because of high-end numerical schemes transferred from process to financial risk-control.


uni software plus - UnRisk Business Developer

a network of partners embracing research groups, product makers and solution providers. A team of software engineers and marketing experts work in the fields of Computational Mathematics and Machine Learning  uni software plus has over 20 years experience in providing Mathematica based solutions to finance and industry.